Success Stories

“I was introduced to Laurie two years ago and started working with her the same day.  Since that day my health, physical strength and stamina has improved immensely.  Laurie is professional, caring, sincere, encouraging and motivating to her clients.  Laurie is very knowledgeable about exercise physiology, body mechanics and  nutrition.  Laurie changes the sessions up each time, you will never get bored while working with Laurie. Laurie is the BEST personal trainer I know.”

Karen R.

“At the time I met Laurie, my fitness goals were basically just to make the number on my scale smaller. I wasn’t really interested in getting stronger or setting goals for myself. Laurie changed my whole perspective! She is the only group exercise instructor I’ve ever had who does the actual workout with you instead of just coaching. And I don’t mean just going through the motions. She actually kills it. Laurie’s drive and passion for her work are inspiring and helped me realize just how awesome it is to be strong and fit, not just skinny. Now I take pride and feel confident about my body because I know what it is capable of! Laurie is always a source of support, and her smile has never wavered. She’ll help you become the best version of you!”

R. Herndon

“For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight and my eating habits. I tried many different ways of losing weight, and nothing I tried felt right or comfortable with me and therefore it would only last a few days or a few weeks. My mom has been training with Laurie and tried to get me to do it. I finally made the decision to join her group training with Laurie and it has changed my life in a huge way. Laurie is there for you no matter what is going on and is your rock to assist in any way she can. She will be tough with you when needed, will tell you how it is and what you need to do. The program is easy to follow. I never thought I would enjoy exercise, and now I do. I look forward to our weekly meet time with Laurie and the other times that the group gets together to exercise. I also enjoy eating and no longer feel guilty or feel like I need to hide what I am eating. I tell Laurie everything I eat and she tells me how I am doing. I have already lost 19 lbs. and feel stronger and healthier already. There is no doubt I will continue to lose weight and get healthy as now I know I can do it with the right support. It is not all about the program, but about Laurie and how she provides all the “equipment” I need to succeed in my goals of weight loss and to have a healthier mind, body and soul.  I love that Laurie has given me that. Through this support and God I know I will succeed.”


“My group and I met Laurie just over a year and a half ago, and it has been amazing. Not only has my overall strength improved, but my confidence has soared. Laurie not only takes the time to show you how to properly complete each exercise but ensures you understand why you are doing it. Laurie incorporates relaxation techniques that I use everyday so that I can be a more relaxed person. Thank you, Laurie, for all your help and guidance!”

Kyra W

Personal Training