At LAT Personal Training, we believe it’s vital to integrate all the pieces of your wellness journey to nurture the whole body — physical, emotional and spiritual.

Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Nutrition Strategies

LAT Personal Training fully endorses Arbonne‘s holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, embracing the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin. The healthy recipes, safe products, and motivation that we offer are inspired by Arbonne.

Life is hard enough. Let’s make your meal planning simple.

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Workout Routines

We help people visualize, believe in and implement their wellness journeys through virtual training or in person at the Mariners Landing Fitness Center in Bedford County at Smith Mountain Lake.

Our philosophy is to provide safe and effective exercise for all walks of life using a synergistic approach to exercising the mind, body and spirit through integrative practices.

First-Hand Advice

Support is vital in your journey toward better health. Our training includes:

We create your workouts weekly and make sure you are present.

We tailor daily homework especially to your needs, so you know what to do between sessions to link your mind, body and spirit.

Nutritional Support
We provide education with scientific yet integrative nutritional approaches.

“I am delighted to share with you the techniques I have learned over the years that have brought me much happiness and success.”

— Laurie Andrews, Owner of LAT Personal Training