About LAT Wellness Studio

The expert team of trainers at LAT Wellness Studio provides affordable yet outstanding personal training for all walks of life. We work with clients of all fitness levels, combining mind, body and spirit through integrated practices. We don’t just work on your physical needs — we also give you the tools and tips to support your emotional journey and help you to find your true worth and identity along the way.


LAT Wellness Studio offers many classes virtually, so you can join our sessions from anywhere in the United States. Using the Zoom video conferencing platform, our team of trainers offer three ongoing small group personal training classes: Core & More, Mobility & Strength, and Total Body Strength. Click here to find more virtual options.

On Location

At Smith Mountain Lake, Laurie Andrews and our team of trainers offer one-on-one and small-group personal training, as well as special multi-week sessions such as Yoga, Barre, and Boot Camp. Visit our Halesford Center studio at 16483 Moneta Rd., Moneta, VA 24121, Unit D.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Laurie Andrews, a clinically certified exercise physiologist and owner of LAT Wellness Studio. I’m glad you’re here! From helping people visualize, believe and implement their wellness journeys through virtual training or in person here at Smith Mountain Lake, our personal trainers work to create a synergistic approach between exercising the mind, body and spirit through integrative practices. Our philosophy is to provide safe and effective exercise for all walks of life.

Laurie’s Fitness Journey

My passion for fitness is the culmination of years of back pain that progressed significantly throughout my teen years. I was prescribed large dosages of anti-inflammatory medications and worked with various spine manipulators. None of it worked.

The source of my pain was only discovered when I started working with a physical therapist and a team of physiatrists. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in the neck and mid-back. Through a combination of dry needling and therapeutic exercises, my pain became manageable and, ultimately, rare. From that point on, I was determined to obtain an exercise degree in hopes of helping others to see and feel the benefits of exercise.

In college, I obtained a basic trainer certification and worked in a corporate gym as a personal trainer. I applied these studies in my job and in my own fitness journey. Dedicated to a new mindset of achieving optimal health, I dropped more than 45 pounds.

I’m often asked how long that took. My answer is always, simply, “today.” There is no time frame for a fitness journey. Instead, I embrace each day, and I have created a healthy lifestyle that I love.

While I was dropping weight, I was gaining in many other areas: in mental and physical strength, confidence and a desire to dedicate my life to health. Now, my vision is to help others find their strength and desire to be healthy as well.


Clinical certificate in exercise physiology: American College of Sports Medicine
Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology, minor in nutrition science: East Carolina University

I specialize in working with the general population, but my background is in the clinical realm.  I have worked in an outpatient cardiac rehab facility, which afforded me vast experience with cardiac patients, stroke patients and other high-risk individuals. My ultimate goal is to help individuals of all types excel in your fitness journey through mending your body — from the inside of your emotional heart to the outside of your physical body. To accommodate each unique need, I have assembled a top-notch team of trainers, instructors and nutritionists.

Laurie and her family live in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

Laurie and her family live in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.