Employee Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs Work!


of employers saw a reduction in healthcare costs


people pick a job based on wellness offerings


absenteeism reduction


Average ROI: $6 saved for every $1 invested

A healthier staff is a happier staff! LAT Wellness offers customized employee wellness programs that allow employers to provide health coaching and support for everyone on their teams.

We will help you to assess the right components for your company employee wellness program. We begin with an assessment to determine the needs within your company and work to create the right program.

You choose the level of service you want your employee wellness program to provide. We take care of the rest!

Common Employee Wellness Program Elements:

Virtual Workouts

Our expert trainers lead sessions via zoom, connecting with participants at home, in the office or wherever they prefer. These sessions are for unlimited team members. You may also want to extend the opportunity to their families.

Sessions can cover:

  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Cardio
  • More!

As an example, you may have staff from multiple locations join together for a lunchtime workout. This is a great way to increase employee morale across all of your locations. If you have anyone working from home, they are also able to join and participate with coworkers!

On-Site Workouts

One of our expert instructors provides an office workout onsite. This can be done in combination with zoom to connect remote employees and employees at other locations.

Sessions can cover the same range of experiences as Virtual Workouts.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow each employee to choose their own services – virtual or in-person personal training or class memberships. Employers determine the level of support available for each person.

For example, each employee can be reimbursed $100 a month for wellness services. Individual employees would cover the cost of any excess services.

Health Assessments

On-site or virtual health assessments are a great way to help individuals keep an eye on their health trends. On-site assessments available in the Bedford and Franklin County Virginia areas.

Our experts come onside periodically to provide:

  • Blood pressure assessments
  • Measurements
  • Health coaching
  • Tips/goal setting

Our goal is to empower people to monitor for signs of decreased health and to help them reach their goals.

LAT Employee Wellness Programs Benefits

  • Customized to accommodate the wellness needs of your company

  • Expert and certified trainers

  • We handle everything, including staffing the program, scheduling, assessments and more!

  • Track record of success working with companies like yours

Why Us?

Our clients have rated us as a “best practice” for safety and health and as a “recommended service.”  We get results using both in-person services and virtual services models.

Customize an Employee Wellness Program

LAT Fitness Employee Wellness programs are completely customizable for the needs of your company.  You pick the type and level of services offered. We will create customized package pricing so you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford!